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Dumbbell Exercises to ‘Tone Up’

When people want to tone up, the first thing they think to do is hop straight on a treadmill and try to burn as many calories as humanly possible! This will eventually result in weight loss but there are much more interesting ways to change your body composition! Try out these dumbbell only exercises and let the results speak for themselves… Goblet Squat Goblet squats are a great compound movement. This means they involve the use of more than one joint and muscle group. They’re perfect for targeting almost your... Read More


Is a Recumbent Bike the one for you?

Have you seen recumbent bikes at your gym but don’t know what they’re for? Read on to find out about the benefits you could be missing out on…We’ve all complained of a bad back or sore knees in the past, but how many of us have considered this secret weapon in the gym? Its sole purpose is to offer more support whilst exercising, who doesn’t want that? What is a Recumbent bike? A recumbent bike is an indoor stationary exercise bike. By nature, its design includes an adjustable seat with... Read More


Spring workouts with FitKit UK

The warmer weather is on its way, why not make the most of it by taking your workouts outdoors? There are so many benefits to getting your daily exercise done outdoors.  For example, the fresh air can help you keep cool even when the intensity gets hard, which allows you to exercise for longer. Kettlebells and dumbbells are the perfect equipment for this because they can be used anywhere! You can get a great full body workout done with minimal equipment. Try it alone or with a friend. Another good piece of... Read More

what are free weights 07/01/2022

What are free weights, and why should you use them?

Unsure how to use free weights, or if they’re even worth it? If your workouts focus on machines, we’re here to tell you why you could benefit from making the switch to weights instead. There are numerous key benefits of free weights that you may not be aware of, including improved calorie burning and more efficient muscle gaining!  Read on for the full low-down on free weights vs machines. Table of contents What are free weights Benefits of free weights Benefits of machines The takeaway What are free weights? Free... Read More

Home Gym Essentials, home gym workouts 06/01/2022

Home Gym Essentials For 2022

Lockdown forced a lot of people across the country to swap the gym for home workouts – and for many people, there’s no looking back! Convenient, hassle-free and cheaper in the long run, there are many benefits to kitting out your very own home gym. But where to start? To help you decide, here at FitKit UK, we’ve made a list of the home gym essentials you need for both cardio and strength training. Table of contents: What do I need for a home gym? Home gym free weight essentials... Read More

rowing machine benefits 13/12/2021

What are the Benefits of Rowing Machines?

Rowing machines have a multitude of benefits for your body. A session on one provides a fantastic cardio workout while also targeting many of your muscle groups at once.  Wondering whether you should be incorporating a rowing workout into your gym routine? Read on to find out all the benefits of rowing machines in more detail, how they compare to other cardio workouts and how to nail your form. Rowing machine health benefits Targets all muscle groups Rowing is fantastic for full-body conditioning. The complete exercise uses all your major... Read More


Fit-mas Tips

Christmas Fitness Tips At FitKit UK we’ve put together some of our best tips to help you stay healthy over Christmas, without feeling restricted. For many of us, we worry about gaining that Christmas weight. We can end up stressing about overdoing it on the pigs in blankets and cheese, rather than celebrating and relaxing after another long year. We want to remove the stress from fitness at Christmas. Take a look at these tips and try out the Christmas themed workout at the end.  Relax!  Our first and most... Read More

Treadmill workouts 15/11/2021

Treadmill Benefits: The Rundown

Whether you make it the main event or a warm up to get your blood flowing, the treadmill is a staple piece of gym equipment that offers endless benefits to any workout.  Here at Fitkit UK, we’ve explored the benefits of treadmills to show you why it should be built into your exercise routine if it isn’t already! Table of contents How to use a treadmill Benefits of using a treadmill Walking on a treadmill How to make treadmill workouts more efficient Common treadmill mistakes How to use a treadmill... Read More

Legs, Bums and Tums Workouts 01/11/2021

5 Legs, Bums and Tums Workouts

Looking to tone up your thighs, build a bigger bum or accentuate your abs? From squats to stomach crunches, a powerful legs, bums and tums workout is your answer! A perfect way to burn body fat, tone up and improve your overall fitness, it’s the secret ingredient to a great exercise routine. Many gyms offer instructor-led classes, but as you don’t need a lot of equipment – unlike other workouts – there are also plenty of options for legs, bums and tums exercises at home too. At the gym, LBT... Read More

Upper Body Workouts 01/11/2021

Top 10 Upper Body Workouts

When it comes to defining your triceps or building your core, upper body workouts should be an integral part of your exercise routine. These forms of exercises are also known as a deltoid raise, delt raise or rear shoulder raise in weight lifting. They are great for improving posture, building muscles as well as boosting your overall fitness. 10 Upper Body Exercises Below are the 10 upper body workouts we love here at Fitkit plus how to do them for maximum result. 1. Bicep curls Looking for an upper body... Read More