Exercise Bike Benefits

exercise bike benefits

Exercise bikes offer a multitude of benefits to the body. Whether your goal is weight loss, fat burning, muscle toning or improving your general fitness, a session on an exercise bike is a fantastic low-impact aerobic workout ideal for gym-goers of all abilities. Let’s look at all exercise bike benefits in more detail. 

The benefits of exercise bikes:

  • Improved cardiovascular fitness

One of the biggest benefits of exercise bikes is the fact they’re a great cardio workout. Cardio – or aerobic – exercises are the ones that raise your heart rate and get your blood pumping. This has a multitude of benefits to your body, including strengthening your heart and lungs and improving the circulation of oxygen around your body. If your goal is to improve your stamina and general fitness, incorporate a regular spin class or exercise bike workout into your workout schedule.  

  • Weight loss

Exercise bike benefits also include weight loss and fat burning. Whether your primary workout goal is shedding pounds or it’s further down your list of priorities, an exercise bike is a great way to burn calories. According to a Harvard study, a 155lb person can burn 252 calories after 30 minutes of moderate effort on an exercise bike. With vigorous exercise, that upped to 278 in just half an hour!

  • Toned muscles

A spin on an exercise bike is also great for toning up your muscles. While you’re peddling, you’re working your glutes, your quads and hamstrings in your thighs, and your calf muscles. And as well as the legs, an exercise bike benefits your other muscles too. You’re also using your abs to maintain posture, and even the biceps and triceps in your arms, particularly when riding out of the saddle.

  • Low impact on joints

Another benefit of an exercise bike is that it’s a low-impact cardio workout. If you’re recovering from an injury or suffer from joint pain, the smooth movement of an exercise bike won’t put a lot of pressure on your joints, unlike other cardio exercises such as running. You’ll still get a great aerobic workout, but it’s a good option for lessening stress on your joints while exercising.

  • A varied workout

A great thing about exercise machines is their versatility. You can do everything from a high-intensity spin class to a more gentle gym session on a low resistance setting. Or during your workout session, you can mix up your speed to incorporate some interval training. Whatever your fitness level, exercise bikes are a great option for everyone.

  • Mood boost

As well as being great for our bodies, exercise bikes are great for our brains too. Like all workouts, a spin on an exercise bike will release mood-boosting endorphins that will leave you feeling happier and more energised.

  • Convenience

And finally, one of the biggest benefits of exercise bikes is their convenience! Let’s face it; no one likes cycling outdoors in the pelting rain, headfirst into gale-force winds or working up a sweat in the sweltering heat. Cycling on an exercise bike indoors removes all that inconvenience – you can work out at a controlled temperature and you’re not at the mercy of the elements. Not to mention, you don’t have to keep an eye out for traffic and other potential dangers.

Exercise Bike Benefits

The different types of exercise bikes

As well as knowing all the exercise bike benefits, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the different types of exercise bikes. There are three main types of exercise bikes:

Studio bikes

Studio bikes are the types you see in the group training area of a gym and spin classes, but you can also find them in some cardio training zones. They most replicate an outdoor cycling bike and provide a high-intensity workout, though you can change the resistance to suit your fitness level.

Upright bikes

Upright bikes are also similar to outdoor bikes, but their handles are slightly higher up. Like studio bikes, you can sit down or stand up out of your seat on an upright bike, as the pedals are below you. 

Recumbent bikes

Recumbent bikes are distinctive, as they are positioned differently from a traditional bike. With a recruitment bike, you sit in a reclined position, in a seat with a back to lean against. With pedals in front rather than behind you, you push your legs forward instead of down. The benefits of exercise bikes like these is that they’re less pressure on the joints, so they’re ideal for people with lower back or joint pain.

The many benefits of exercise bikes are the reason they’re so popular. If you’re looking for a controlled, low-impact cardio workout indoors, they’re a great option for all fitness levels! Here at FitKit UK, we have an extensive range of new, used and ex-demo exercise bikes from many of the world’s leading fitness brands. Whether you’re looking for commercial bikes or bikes for home use, you can find the ideal options to choose from.

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