Is a Recumbent Bike the one for you?

Have you seen recumbent bikes at your gym but don’t know what they’re for? Read on to find out about the benefits you could be missing out on…We’ve all complained of a bad back or sore knees in the past, but how many of us have considered this secret weapon in the gym? Its sole purpose is to offer more support whilst exercising, who doesn’t want that?

What is a Recumbent bike?

A recumbent bike is an indoor stationary exercise bike. By nature, its design includes an adjustable seat with back support. The pedals are further forwards than on an upright or studio bike, meaning there is reduced pressure on the hips, knees and ankles.

Who are they for?

Some common uses of recumbent bikes:

  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Active recovery from training
  • A more accesible option for some people with physical disabilities

These bikes are very popular among older age groups. Injuries and health conditions that affect the core and lower body joints are common among older people, making this bike the perfect option for them.

Similarly, people with reduced mobility such as some disabled people may find the recumbent bike a fantastic option due to its easy access design. There is no need to climb onto these; you can simply stop on and step off!

People with lower body injuries often gravitate towards the recumbent bike when getting back into exercise. They can still get their heart rate up and get a great workout in without worsening their injuries!

How much should I spend on a recumbent bike?

As with all gym equipment, the prices can vary massively. At FitKit UK, our cheapest recumbent bike is £595 and our top of the range bike is £10,495 with many options in-between to suit all budgets! If you would like to spend more than a hour each day on your bike and enjoy watching your favourite shows whilst you cycle, we would highly recommend our range of recumbent bikes with an SE3HD screen. Some people prefer not to use touch screen. If that’s you, check out some of our recumbent bikes with LED screens. Contact us on Facebook, Instagram or email us on if you have any questions about which one is for you!

If you have a high budget to spend on a recumbent bike, our best recommendation would be the Life Fitness Integrity Series Bike.

The Integrity Series Recumbent bike benefits from a sleek and modern design and is rooted in more than 20 years of reliability and innovation. The bike offers the latest aesthetic and entertainment upgrades which keep exercises motivated throughout their workout.

The Integrity Series Bike offers the most comfortable seat that includes a back rest and lumbar support, as well as a wrap-around adjustment lever that makes it easy to find the most comfortable seat position. Built for easy access, step-through design offers an easy entry and exit. Wide pedals with simple buckle straps allow exercisers to get started quickly.

With the latest upgrades, the Integrity Series Recumbent Bike offers a smooth and quiet operation and requires limited maintenance thanks to its generator drive system with 8-ribbed poly-V belt resistance.

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