Top 5 Treadmills With TV & WiFi

Technogym Excite+ Run Now 700 Unity Screen

Let’s face it; sometimes running on a treadmill can feel monotonous. Some days it’s just hard to get in the zone, and your gym playlist just isn’t cutting it. That’s when a treadmill with built-in TV and WiFi can really come in handy. Putting your favourite TV show on while you’re working out can turn a lacklustre workout into a fun gym session – and before you know it, you’ve got the miles in!

If you’re looking to upgrade your treadmill to one with built-in WiFi, here at FitKit Uk, our guide will help you decide which model is the right one for you.

The Best Treadmills With WiFi and TV:

Life Fitness 95T Elevation Series Discover SE3

Without a doubt, out of all of our treadmills with built-in TV and WiFi, the Life Fitness 95T Elevation Series Discover SE3 is the most user friendly. With easy-to-navigate layouts, a plethora of apps for streaming music, TV and video, plus built-in WiFi capabilities, there’s something for both the fitness fanatics and the newbies starting out their fitness journey. This user-friendly treadmill also can sync with both Android and Apple smartphones, as well as an iPad, while the Bluetooth will hook up to your wireless headphones with no problem. It’s clear that the goal of this treadmill is to make your workout setup personal to you so you can push your performance to the max. 

Life Fitness 95T Elevation Series Discover SE3 treadmill

Precor Treadmill TRM 885 With P82 Console

Can’t find the time to binge on Netflix and cram the miles in for training? With the Precor Treadmill TRM 885 with P82 Console, you can bring new meaning to a Netflix marathon. With all your apps on one screen, you can choose between your favourite series or your favourite playlists on Spotify to get you pumped up. Although the 15 inch P82 screen is a little smaller, it’s positioned to give you a clear view while exercising and boasts a vibrant picture quality. This is one of the best treadmills with WiFi for budding fitspo influencers and social networkers, as its communication portal let you share information about what you’re up to. 

Precor Treadmill TRM 885 With P82 Console

Life Fitness Intergity SE3 HD

Along with pushing you to crush your fitness goals, the Life Fitness Integrity Deluxe SE3HS is all about making sure you’re safe and comfortable… well, as comfortable as one can be when smashing the final two miles of a difficult run. You’ll have plenty of space while running and you’ll be able to move more naturally without restriction. For runners who worry about joint impact, this model is ideal as the FlexDeck Shock Absorption System reduces approximately up to 30% of the impact on your joints. This is one treadmill with WiFi and TV built-in that boasts virtual courses, so you can pretend you’re hitting the road in the great outdoors.

The built-in TV features a 1080p HD touch screen that is crystal clear so you can focus on the route ahead on your virtual racecourse. The built-in WiFi lets you surf the web so apps like Youtube are never too far from view, just in case you fancy checking out a fitness tutorial or watching a vlog. Speaking of apps, you can keep your fitness progress updated thanks to the smartwatch compatibility, while the Life Fitness On Demand function allows you to join a class which also serves as a fantastic motivator when you need an extra push. We can’t fault the Life Fitness Integrity Series range of treadmills, cross-trainers and bikes; they’re another level of luxury when it comes to your gym gear. 

Technogym Excite+ Run Now 700 Unity

For the runners who prefer to pound the pavement but don’t want to run in the cold or rain, then the Technogym Excite+ treadmill is ideal. It boasts a padded running area so you feel less constricted when going full pelt and the handy TV is an ultra-clear 19-inch Android touchscreen so you can swipe and adjust the settings while you’re trying to smash your PB. It’ll connect to your Strava as well as MyFitnessPal and your favourite fitness trackers like Polar or Garmin.

Not just a good option for substituting those longer treadmill sessions, there’s plenty of training plans to choose from. For the days where you want to test yourself and train shorter distances at faster speeds, it’s pre-loaded with six military fitness tests like Army PRT, Marine Corps PRT and more. It’s a simple-to-use treadmill with a built-in TV that’s not intimidatingly complicated to use, so it’s perfect for runners who just want the essentials. 

Technogym Excite+ Run Now 700 Unity

Life Fitness Platinum Club Series       

Can’t get enough of the Infinity Series? Upgrade to the Life Fitness Platinum Club Series Treadmill. With a built-in Discover SE3HD console TV, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy the clearest picture quality along with the user-friendly functions so your technique is not hindered when you change the channel during your training. No app is off limits with the Platinum Club, the built-in touch screen TV and WiFi on this treadmill is essentially an entertainment console. The built-in TV and WiFi give you access to all the favourites you adore from Netflix, iPlayer, and other television channels that can be found through Bluetooth connectivity. 

You can upload all your stats to Strava and your fitness apps of choice via the treadmill, while the heart rate monitoring technology is the best of the very best sports tech. The hands-free heart monitor uses Polar® telemetry monitoring while the simple to grip Ergo™ bar is ideal for when you’re having a cool down walk and want to keep your heart rate elevated just enough for extra calorie burn.  

Whether you’re running to catch up to your Strava mates or catching up on the latest box set while you fit in a quick training session, you’ll find the ideal treadmills with built-in TV and WiFi for your home gym or business at FitKitUK. Check out our full range of treadmills for all our new, used and ex-demo machines.

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