5 Legs, Bums and Tums Workouts

Legs, bums and tums workout

Looking to tone up your thighs, build a bigger bum or accentuate your abs? From squats to stomach crunches, a powerful legs, bums and tums workout is your answer! A perfect way to burn body fat, tone up and improve your overall fitness, it’s the secret ingredient to a great exercise routine.

Many gyms offer instructor-led classes, but as you don’t need a lot of equipment – unlike other workouts – there are also plenty of options for legs, bums and tums exercises at home too. At the gym, LBT classes are famed for their high-energy music – but you can easily replicate this at home with a gym mat and your favourite playlist to keep you motivated and energised. Just hit play, get powered up – and get going on your workout! 

So, with countless gym classes and workout options, which LBT exercises are the most effective? We take a look at Fitkit UK’s favourite legs, bums and tums workouts here. 

What is legs, bums and tums?

Legs, bums and tums is a lower body workout of aerobic exercise, targeting – you guessed it – your quads, hamstrings, calves, glutes and abs. 

With a series of exercises – including squats, lunges, donkey kicks, bicycle crunches and flutter kicks – you’ll work on building your muscles in these key areas and, over the course of regular workouts, you’ll reshape your lower body for a more toned look. 

Is legs, bums and tums effective?

Legs, bums and tums is super effective for several reasons. Firstly, the aerobic lower body workouts in a legs, bums and tums routine are perfect for burning fat and toning up your muscles – so you’ll see a real difference in your body shape and muscle definition.  

As with any workout, legs, bums and tums exercises are also effective for improving your overall physical health – it’s great for cardiovascular fitness, posture and balance. A lower body workout also increases your flexibility and mobility while building your stamina. Put simply, there are plenty of benefits – whether you’re wanting to improve your health or tone up your body. 

How many calories do you burn in a legs, bums and tums class?

Generally speaking, you’ll burn around 300 calories in a legs, bums and tums class. That’s one intense session! But this isn’t a one-size-fits-all: how many calories you burn will depend on a few other factors, too – for example, your current fitness levels, your diet, and the intensity of the workout. 

5 Legs, Bums and Tums Workouts

At Fitkit UK, we’ve selected five simple – yet effective – LBT workouts we love. The best part? There’s no equipment required – so they’re great options if you’re looking for legs, bums and tums exercises at home. 

1. Squats

Woman squatting

Squats are super simple – and ever so effective – for a legs, bums and tums workout. Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart, and then – keeping your back straight – lower yourself by engaging the muscles in your thighs, hold the position for a second, and straighten up again. If you need to, you can stretch your arms out in front of you for balance. Repeat several times. 

Tip: Make sure your back is kept straight so that your weight is supported by your thighs only – this ensures a full-powered quad workout. You can also add a little extra challenge by holding a dumbbell weight close to your chest while you squat.

2. Lunges

Woman lunging

This is one of our favourite legs, bums and tums exercises. Stand with one leg in front of the other, and then lean forwards – as if you’re about to kneel with your back leg. Bend your knees until both are nearly at right angles, hold for a second, and push back up. Repeat several times like this, and then swap legs to work your other thigh. This exercise is great for working your quads. 

Tip: Make sure your knees don’t extend over your toes. This usually means you’re not working your legs, but your back – so keep the workout focused on your quads!

3. Donkey kicks

Donkey Kick Exercise

This legs, bums and tums workout is perfect for targeting your glutes. Start on all fours, and raise one leg upwards – keeping your knee bent. Squeeze your glutes as your foot tilts toward the ceiling, and lower back down. Repeat 20 times, and move to the other leg. 

Tip: Add extra challenge to your glutes workout with a resistance band – or work on your balance at the same time by extending your leg out straight behind you to work your gluteus maximus and gluteus medius. 

4. Bicycle crunches

Bicycle crunches

Accentuate those abs with powerful stomach crunches. For an effective bicycle crunch, lay on your back and bend your knees to 90 degree angles above your hips. Lift your shoulders up from the floor and touch your elbow to your opposite knee (for example, touch your right elbow to your left knee) while extending the other leg, then swap sides. Repeat this action several times. This legs, bums and tums exercise is perfect for targeting your upper abs and obliques. 

Tip: Make sure your shoulders stay off the ground for the entire set of bicycle crunches – this is to ensure your abs get the most powerful workout!

5. Flutter kicks

Flutter kicks

Flutter kicks are great for strength training – and a key part of your legs, bums and tums exercises at home. Lay on your back, lift your legs to a 45-degree angle and lift your shoulders off the ground. Point your toes, and engage your core muscles to move your legs up and down. 

Tip: As your legs flutter, make sure your abs are engaged for maximum effect. 

Looking to build these exercises into a longer routine? Try a 30-minute legs, bums and tums workout by rotating through these exercises, repeating for a set and taking breaks in between. To ensure you’re fully kitted out for effective workouts, check out our full home gym range here at FitKit UK.

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