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best leg workouts 06/08/2021

How to Tone Legs: The Best Leg Workouts With and Without Machines

Want to know how to get the most out of leg day? While it can be tempting to skip it altogether, what you need is a handful of go-to effective leg workouts that make your least favourite gym day as efficient as possible.  At FitKit UK, we’ve listed our best leg workouts with machines and without; so whether you’re a gym-goer or prefer home workouts, you can optimise your workouts to see the best results. The best machine leg workouts If you have access to a gym or want to... Read More

stepper machine benefits 06/08/2021

Stepper Machine Benefits

Is a stair machine workout worth the sweat? Here at FitKit UK, we’ve taken a look into what the stepper machine is good for and why you should incorporate it into your gym sessions. What is a stepper machine? A stepper machine, also known as a stair machine or stair climber, is a machine with a moving set of stairs. If you’re wondering how to use the stepper machine, it’s simple! A stair machine workout just involves you continuously climbing these revolving stairs at your chosen speed, using the handles... Read More


Why gym equipment prices will keep rising

Raw material prices are increasing. Shipping costs are increasing. Importing equipment is more difficult. If you plan to build a gym, now is probably the time. The events of 2020 were unexpected. It was a punishing year for gyms across the world that were forced to close their doors to their members. Demand for gym equipment soared and households invested heavily into home and garage gyms. The urge for home gym equipment took off like wildfire. Gym equipment sales more than doubled and many retailers couldn’t fulfil the growing consumer... Read More

treadmills with tv, treadmills with wifi 03/06/2021

Top 5 Treadmills With TV & WiFi

Let’s face it; sometimes running on a treadmill can feel monotonous. Some days it’s just hard to get in the zone, and your gym playlist just isn’t cutting it. That’s when a treadmill with built-in TV and WiFi can really come in handy. Putting your favourite TV show on while you’re working out can turn a lacklustre workout into a fun gym session – and before you know it, you’ve got the miles in! If you’re looking to upgrade your treadmill to one with built-in WiFi, here at FitKit Uk,... Read More


Hammer Strength machines

Strength machines are the lifeblood of your gym. The machines should reflect safety, durability, and style. It should attract new and existing members who want to get healthier and build some muscle. Ultimately, it should help them reach their goals. Hammer Strength machines are the most requested strength pieces by our commercial clients and there’s a great reason why these heavy-duty machines are so frequently desired and so hard to come by in the market. What are Hammer Strength Machines? Hammer Strength is one of the best-known brands in the... Read More


Are treadmills good for marathon training?

The 2021 London Marathon is upon us meaning countless hours of training, running, and preparing for the big race day. With weather being so uncertain, there are advantages of owning a treadmill for marathon training as you can always train regardless of the weather conditions. But can a treadmill prepare you adequately for the race? Can you train for a marathon on a treadmill? It’s a very big yes! Almost every runner utilizes a treadmill at some point during their marathon training. While running outdoors can improve your stability due... Read More

spin bikes 18/01/2021

Studio bikes buying guide

The idea of pedalling away in front of your own TV has certainly crossed the minds of so many of us. Looking to pick the best indoor cycle bike for your home gym but don’t know where to start? This guide will certainly help you make more informed decision and pick the best bike depending on your requirements. What is a studio bike? Thanks to cyclist and entrepreneur Johnny Goldberg, known as Johnny G, who introduced the world to the indoor cycling program back in mid-1980s, we can now enjoy the... Read More

Bodypump 24/09/2020

Everything You Need to Know about Bodypump Equipment, Benefits and Workout Routines

Looking for a way to get your blood pumping through your body but not sure where to start or the best way to do it? Bodypump is a term mentioned by fitness enthusiasts and bloggers and is a great way to get your heart racing. But what is Bodybump? Is Bodypump good for you? What are the Bodypump benefits? And what’s the best full Bodypump workout routine? If you’re not sure what Bodypump is, keep on reading and we will do our best to answer all your questions about this... Read More


Which Treadmill Is Best for Home Use?

Looking for the best treadmill for home use? Here’s everything you need to know to transform your fitness on the cheap. When purchasing a home running machine, it’s important to consider a few aspects such as durability of the product, ability to meet the user needs as well as the product lifespan. To reflect these qualities, it evidently means a higher price tag. While not everyone can afford a brand-new commercial grade treadmill for their home gym, buying a used commercial treadmill would be a sensible choice and a sound... Read More

Jordan Premium Rubber Dumbbells 03/07/2020

Dumbbells Buying Guide: How to Choose the Right Dumbbells for your Home Gym

Welcome to the world of dumbbells. We’re all familiar with the real struggle of maintaining our gym-grade gains especially now when dumbbells are sold out almost everywhere online. But don’t worry folks, you have come to the right place.  Not only have we created this dumbbell buying guide to simplify your life in choosing the best dumbbells depending on your needs, all dumbbells listed below are available to go to your home gym. No obstacles now for your weight training at home! Rubber Dumbbells Rubber dumbbells are made out of... Read More