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Should you be running barefoot?

In the world of fitness and running, a growing trend has emerged that takes a step back to our primal roots – barefoot running. Advocates of this practice argue that running without the constraints of traditional running shoes can unlock a myriad of benefits for both our bodies and our performance. In this blog post, we will delve into the world of barefoot running and explore the potential advantages it offers to those brave enough to ditch their shoes. One of the primary benefits of barefoot running lies in the... Read More


Exercise Bikes: Everything You Need To Know

The exercise bike is a great way to tone your legs and get your cardio in, but what are the other benefits of hopping on the exercise bike?  At FitKit, we’ve collated everything you need to know about the exercise bike, including recommendations to add to your home gym or commercial space for your clients. We’ll walk you through the different types of exercise bikes, their benefits, and all your questions regarding exercise bikes.  Contents  What are the different types of exercise bikes? As well as knowing all the exercise... Read More


FAQ: Olympic Bar: 6 Exercises To Add To Your Regime

You may have seen Olympic bars sitting around in the gym or even be envious when you see experienced gym-goers loading them up to work out. But what are Olympic bars, and how do you incorporate them into your workouts? Keep reading to find out the type of exercises Olympic bars can be used for in the gym and the muscles they will target.  What is an Olympic bar?  An Olympic bar is a type of barbell used for weightlifting and is around 7ft long. The weight of the Olympic... Read More


New Years Resolutions & How to Stick to Them

Every year, millions of Brits make New Year resolutions and in 2023, over 50% of those are vowing to improve their health & fitness. ‘Doing more exercise or improving my fitness’, ‘losing weight’ & ‘improving my diet’ are the top 3 resolutions created in Britain this year. Exercise based resolutions are most popular with women; a whopping 57% of those who are dedicating themselves to doing more exercise in 2023 are women. However, the success rates of said resolutions can leave a lot to be desired. After 1 week, 25%... Read More


The Sleep/Fitness Relationship

Unsurprisingly enough, your sleep & workouts are closely linked and it can be hard to get the work/workout/life/sleep balance right. We’re sure there are plenty of you out there sacrificing your precious sleeps to fit in your time at the gym but it doesn’t have to be this way. Skipping your rest days is bad enough, but pushing yourself to get to the gym on minimal sleep? The science suggests that it’s just not worth it. We’re not saying to give it all up on those days where you spent... Read More

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How to lose weight on a treadmill [3 workouts to try]

If you are new to the fitness world and are on your journey to becoming a fitter version of yourself, the treadmill can be a great place to start. There’s a misconception that you must sprint at maximum speed on an incline of 20 for the treadmill to be effective. This is wrong. New gym goers can use a treadmill to help increase their cardio fitness at a starting point that feels comfortable to them.  Benefits of using a treadmill There are many benefits of using a treadmill; this versatile... Read More


Is cardio really that important?

Between the Rowing & Cycling Championships starting this weekend and the Ironman competition taking place in Wales last weekend, it’s hard not to feel a little bit left out. Rowing, cycling & running are some of the most accessible forms of exercise when it comes to equipment and they’re all extremely good for you in very different way. Exercise benefits your brain, joints & muscle health no matter what form it comes in. From dancing in the kitchen to climbing a mountain; raising your heart rate on a regular basis... Read More


How to Start Your Fitness Journey

Create a GoalStarting your fitness journey can often seem daunting. A way of making this expedition easier for yourself, is to start with where you want to see yourself and setting a realistic expectation of how long it’s going to take to get you there. Your goal can differ from weight loss to gaining muscle mass. Another thing to take into consideration, is your mental health and whether you feel that this should be part of your goal; sometimes the journey is more than just how you look. So, to... Read More


Dumbbell Exercises to ‘Tone Up’

When people want to tone up, the first thing they think to do is hop straight on a treadmill and try to burn as many calories as humanly possible! This will eventually result in weight loss but there are much more interesting ways to change your body composition! Try out these dumbbell only exercises and let the results speak for themselves… Goblet Squat Goblet squats are a great compound movement. This means they involve the use of more than one joint and muscle group. They’re perfect for targeting almost your... Read More


Is a Recumbent Bike the one for you?

Have you seen recumbent bikes at your gym but don’t know what they’re for? Read on to find out about the benefits you could be missing out on…We’ve all complained of a bad back or sore knees in the past, but how many of us have considered this secret weapon in the gym? Its sole purpose is to offer more support whilst exercising, who doesn’t want that? What is a Recumbent bike? A recumbent bike is an indoor stationary exercise bike. By nature, its design includes an adjustable seat with... Read More