3 Killer HIIT Rowing Machine Workouts

Many gym go-ers underestimate the power of the rowing machine and the benefits it can have on your general fitness and physique. At Fitkit, we have put together a killer rowing machine HIIT workout for you to add to your workout routine, keep reading to find out if you’re up for the challenge. We have also included the benefits of rowing machine HIIT workouts to tempt you further.  Contents What muscles do rowing machines use? Rowing is a great exercise that activates many muscles throughout the body. Unlike other cardio... Read More


3 Treadmill HIIT workouts to try

If there’s one place you’re going to be able to get your heart rate up – it’s on the treadmill. Some love it, some hate it, but if one thing is certain, a treadmill is a great fitness equipment to get the blood pumping and burn calories.  HIIT workouts are ideal for those who want to power through a workout, get sweaty and get on with their day. But how do you utilise a treadmill for a HIIT workout? At Fitkit, we have created a series of treadmill HIIT workouts... Read More

Bicep isolation workout 13/02/2023

7 Bicep Isolation Exercises – [Workout Included]

Looking to grow your biceps and feel the pump in your arms? Try some of the following exercises and watch your biceps grow. At Fitkit, we know a thing or two about bicep exercises and how to isolate them effectively to get even bigger.  Contents  What is a bicep isolation exercise?  Isolation exercises are known as single-joint exercises that develop solely one muscle group. They are designed to strain specific muscles in a more targeted way, which is necessary for muscle gain and development. You should favour compound exercises (multi-joint... Read More

gym workout 09/02/2023

Leg workouts at the gym [6 routines to try]

One phrase sums up the process of training legs at the gym – train insane or remain the same. With a range of muscle groups to train, you can target various muscles with just a few exercises.  At Fitkit, we have collated some of our favourite leg exercises that you can try out at the gym with visuals on how to complete the exercise so that you know you’re doing them correctly.  Depending on what you are targeting and what you want your results to be, we have a range... Read More


Most Popular Songs To Workout To

Looking for some motivational music to get you pumped for your workout? At Fitkit, we’re always searching for ways to get you ready for your workout, which is why we have compiled a list of the most popular songs to workout to.  Music is scientifically proven to help boost your mood and endurance – so we completely understand why having a playlist that gets you pumped in the gym or during your home workouts is important.  We have analysed Spotify data to compile a list of songs used most frequently... Read More


Machines vs Free Weights – which is better?

There are many benefits to working out using free weights and machines, but which is better? It all depends on your expertise level and what you want to achieve from your workout, amongst other things – but fear not, at Fitkit, we have broken down the advantages and disadvantages, so you can assess which will work better for you.  Contents  What are free weights?  What are weight machines? Advantages of free weights  Disadvantages of free weights Advantages of weight machines  Disadvantages of weight machines  What are free weights? Free weights... Read More

Women jumping on a box for a squat box jump 28/07/2022

8 Variations of Squats To Maximise Leg Days

Whether you love it or hate it, leg day is important. Squats should be a staple of your lower body workout, and it has been proven that squats hit the most muscle groups in the body. They are compound exercises and engage the core, quads, hamstrings, and other lower body muscle groups.   Do you ever struggle with deciding which squat to try? At FitKit, we have selected 8 variations of squats that you can try to maximise your leg day that will truly give you the leg shakes.  Which muscles... Read More

Woman working out on the leg press 28/07/2022

The ultimate leg workout for strength

Is leg day boring? Do you feel like you’ve fallen into a routine that doesn’t give you jelly legs? At Fitkit, we understand that workouts can sometimes start to feel stagnant and repetitive, which is why we have created a leg workout designed to help you feel stronger and to help you gain muscle mass. Explore the full range of leg exercises below, cherry-pick the ones you want to try and target areas of the muscle group that work best for you. Build your workout accordingly and ensure you work... Read More


Dumbbell Exercises to ‘Tone Up’

When people want to tone up, the first thing they think to do is hop straight on a treadmill and try to burn as many calories as humanly possible! This will eventually result in weight loss but there are much more interesting ways to change your body composition! Try out these dumbbell only exercises and let the results speak for themselves… Goblet Squat Goblet squats are a great compound movement. This means they involve the use of more than one joint and muscle group. They’re perfect for targeting almost your... Read More


Beginner tips to improve your cross trainer workout

Looking for a way to enhance your cardiovascular health with a cross trainer workout plan that actually works? A cross trainer is one of the most effective pieces of gym equipment. When used correctly, it helps you to lose weight and tone muscles. The machine is easy to use too, making it an excellent choice for beginners. As you use a cross trainer, you’ll notice your heart rate increase and feel blood pumping throughout your whole body. You’ll target major muscle groups during your workout, including arms, shoulders, back, legs,... Read More