5 of the Best Glute Exercises to Do at Home

Home leg workout

Your glutes — otherwise known as your butt — are the largest muscles in your body. 

You may be looking for glutes workouts to sculpt your body, but did you know that there are many other health-related benefits to strengthening your glutes, too? The three key muscles (gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus) are responsible for a lot of our balance and movement when we run, walk or rotate our legs. If you’re a runner, strong glute muscles can help you to avoid potential knee injuries — and they can also protect your lower back if you’re lifting heavy weights.

Whether you’re looking for the best butt workouts at the gym or tips on how to tone glutes at home, there are plenty of exercises you can work into your current routine to get the sculpted look — and fitness benefits — you want.

What are some of the best glute exercises without machines?

One of the best things about glute exercises is that you don’t need a lot of space or equipment to do them. From single-leg deadlifts to bridge exercises, here’s how to grow your glutes at home or at the gym:

1. Single leg deadlifts

Single leg deadlifts

In a single leg deadlift, you’ll hinge your hips to lift your leg out behind you, with your arm extended down towards the floor. Stand with your feet directly under your hips, and gently tilt your torso down towards the floor until it’s parallel. At the same time, bend one knee and extend the other leg out — like you’re placing your foot flat on the wall behind you. When done correctly, your body should form a straight line, from your foot to your head. 

Why does it work? As you lift your leg from the floor, you’re using your glute muscles. As well as being one of the best glute exercises, this also works to strengthen your core, your back, and your legs. 

2. Glute bridges

Glute bridge on yoga mat

In a glute bridge, you’ll lay on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor and slowly lift your hips up toward the ceiling. Place your arms by your sides and pull your belly button into your spine. As you raise your hips, engage your core and squeeze your glutes. Then lower back to the ground, keeping your muscles engaged, and repeat. 

Why does it work? Squeezing your glutes as you’re lifting your hips helps to strengthen the muscle. For added effect, hold the position for a few seconds and squeeze before lowering back down.

3. Lunges


Simple yet effective and easy to do at home, lunges are another great glutes workout. Stand with your feet hip-width apart, and take a controlled step forwards. As you step forwards, lower your hips to the floor so that your knee is hovering above the ground. Squeeze your glutes as you raise up, and repeat. 

Why does it work? Lunges are great for working your lower body; engaging your glutes as you stand back up from each lunge helps to tighten your muscles. 

4. Glute kickbacks

Glute kickback

On all fours, in a glute kickback, you’ll rest with your forearms and knees on the floor – ideally on a non-slip mat — gently extending your bent leg toward the ceiling. For the most effective impact on your glutes, it’s recommended to slow the kickbacks down to deliberately engage your core.

Why does it work? Similarly to the single leg deadlift, by raising your leg out and back you’ll engage your glutes and build tone and definition. To make this glute exercise more challenging, many personal trainers recommend wearing a resistance band above your knees.

5. Step-ups

Step ups

Easy to do at home, gym, or out and about, a step-up is a great exercise for working your glutes. Find a bench or chair, and as you step up onto it, drive the weight down through your foot. Engage your glute muscles as you straighten your leg. Bring your other leg up, then bend your knee and step down again. 

Why does it work? As you step up onto the bench, your glutes are working to control your movement and balance. Want some added challenge for core training? Add some weights to your hands as you move. 

Glute Workout Equipment

You don’t need a gym membership for glute exercises. From lunges to single leg deadlifts, any of the exercises above can be done from the comfort of your living room — simply move furniture to the side of the room, and you’ve got a space to try the best bum workouts at home. 

If you want to add some equipment to your routine to increase the intensity, why not try adding in some dumbbells, kettlebells or barbells to your lunges for added training, or resistance bands to your kickbacks to work your glutes a little harder? 

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