FitKit UK donates exercise equipment to help local communities

FitKit UK donated gym equipment to Community Fitness based in Manchester. The contribution from FitKit UK, that includes a Jordan 100kg TufNut, Reebok aerobic steps, Reebok boxing gloves and a Physical Company battle rope, will help local communities to get back into their fitness journey.

“We would like to say a big thank you to FitKit UK for kindly donating this gym equipment to our Community Gym. This isn’t the first time Fitkit UK have helped us out, last year we won a competition on their Instagram page and won a brand new 100kg TufNut. It all wouldn’t be possible without donations, our amazing session takers who spend their free time on planning and taking classes, as well as members who attend the gym. Once again a MASSIVE thank you to FitKit Uk, we really do appreciate it.”

About Community Fitness Gym:

Community Fitness is a volunteer run community gym based in Manchester that was founded by Anthony Whitehead in 2018. Anthony, who found himself being overweight, decided to take action and set up early morning workout sessions at his local park.

As word  spread and many more new participants wished to join, Comminuty Fitness found a new home at Morton Mills. The amount of classes increased from 2 per day to 6 sessions a day. All classes were run by volunteers and maintenance of the gym, rent and any fitness equipment itself was  supported  by £1 donations.

The impact Community Fitness had on the local community simply can’t be underestimated. Community gym was really a place for people to make new friends while getting fit. Community spirit and regular exercise also helped many of them with fighting on-going mental health issues, some even bravely overcoming cancer battles. 

Sadly in March 2020 when all of the UK was brought  to a standstill with the announcement of national lockdown,  CF’s premises were burnt to the ground through arson. These events left all CF goers devastated. But as a legendary phoenix, CF rose from the ashes and they never let any negativity dampen their spirits. CF ran online sessions via Facebook live and Zoom, keeping community spirits high and battling loneliness and depression.

During lockdown CF started raising money to help rebuild their gym and made a public appeal to anyone who can donate any exercise and gym equipment they might have.

FitKit UK having heard the story of the highs and lows CF had been through, couldn’t stay impartial and kindly donated some equipment. FitKit UK who are known for their regular contributions to various good causes and different projects across the UK were only too happy to make a donation to such a good and inspirational cause. 

“We as a business and a team of like-minded people believe it’s so important to support local communities, charities, and those who dedicate their time and resources to help and support others. We as a company are committed to helping keep the local community spirits high, promote healthy living and combat depression and loneliness. We wish Community Fitness success and to keep inspiring others.” said Abid Khan, owner of FitKit UK.

About FitKit UK

FitKit is the leading UK supplier and installer of new and used commercial gym equipment.


T: 01455 245720

Address: Unit 169c, Whittle Road, Hinckley LE10 3DS

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