Hammer Strength machines

Strength machines are the lifeblood of your gym. The machines should reflect safety, durability, and style. It should attract new and existing members who want to get healthier and build some muscle. Ultimately, it should help them reach their goals.

Hammer Strength machines are the most requested strength pieces by our commercial clients and there’s a great reason why these heavy-duty machines are so frequently desired and so hard to come by in the market.

What are Hammer Strength Machines?

Hammer Strength is one of the best-known brands in the world of heavy-duty strength equipment and is a part of the worldwide leader and respected fitness giant – Life Fitness. 

In 1989, Gary Jones founded Hammer Strength to simplify the biomechanics of weightlifting and have since dominated the field of smart performance strength training. Hammer Strength machines move the same way that a body naturally does, take the form and natural arc movement of free weightlifting, and lock them into a lateral plane, allowing you to target specific muscle groups with practically perfect precision on every rep. 

Why Hammer Strength Over Other Brands?

Reputable and highly durable, Hammer Strength equipment is utilized by elite athletes and bodybuilders because it can take the pounding they dish out, and (most importantly) is designed to provide results. Hammer Strength equipment is tested to exceed industry standards, ensuring that it can withstand years of even the most rigorous training routines.

How to use Hammer Strength Machines

Adjust the machine to better fit your body type, load the machine with plates to the appropriate weight for your routine (recommended at 70-85% of your 1 rep max), position yourself on the machine as intended, and start your workout. Using the machine as designed guarantees safe and supported posture for your lifts, leaving no room for injury. 

Benefits of Hammer Strength Machines

There are various benefits of training with Hammer Strength machines over free weights.

Precision Exercise

Want something specific? Free weight workouts activate your stabilising muscles, which is great for a full-body workout but not so much for working individual muscle groups. Each machine is purpose-built to work out specific muscle groups and focuses your energy on developing them. 

Perfect Form, Every Time

It’s easy to get perfect reps when these machines hold your form for the whole workout. The Iso-Lateral design focuses on replicating and working with the natural arc movements of the body, making it great for beginners who want to learn proper posture or that end of workout push for someone with a little more experience. The design also offers even training on both sides of the body for a completely balanced build.

What’s the Price Range for a Hammer Strength Machine?

Owning a precision piece of strength machine does involve financial investment. Depending on what machine you’re interested in owning, prices can range from £1,000 to £7,500. Ultimately, the budget you invest into building your commercial gym is a personal choice, but the durability, precision, and practicality of a Hammer Strength machine make them an indispensable piece of equipment. 

Investing money in Hammer Strength machines will save money in the long run because these machines are built to withstand the heavy daily abuse and won’t break down.

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