How to build a home gym on a budget

We have seen a big shift in the fitness industry over the past decade. Not only workout trends or eating patterns have changed, but people are also switching from traditional gym membership plans to the new forms of home fitness experiences. With an extremely busy lifestyle, the active generation loves the convenience of home workouts as they are more accessible, more fun and easier to fit into a busy life schedule.

Imagine life when you don’t have to pack the bag for the gym, drive to the gym, wait to use the equipment, book a class or pay a monthly membership fee. And all that, without a doubt, adds a lot of time.

If you are assessing your current gym situation and considering shifting to at-home workouts, we have created a budget-friendly list to get you started.


Building a home gym from scratch can be expensive. Therefore, we would suggest making a good plan of what exercises you’re going to perform and what pieces of gym equipment is more suitable for your personality.

There are hundreds of items that you can install in your home gym, however we would suggest obtaining these foundational pieces of gym equipment that will keep your budget as minimum as possible and provides a variety of different uses.

Cardio Equipment:

Cycling Bikes

Pedal away in front of your favourite TV programme, simulate a real route with use of Google Maps or use a virtual reality training workout at the comfort of your own home. Convenience never looked so good!

We supply a wide range of cycling bikes for both commercial and home use.

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A treadmill is one of the best and most popular exercise equipment for people who want to stay physically active. And the best part of home treadmill is that you can put your favourite TV programme on or switch your favourite music on as loud as you want and before you know it, you have hit 30 minutes of cardio workout.

Whether you are looking for commercial, long-life treadmill or wallet-friendly home folding treadmill, we supply a wide variety of treadmills that will satisfy almost every requirement and price level.

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Cross Trainer / Ellipticals

Cross trainers offer the benefit of a low-impact workout while exercising both your upper and lower body.

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Strength Equipment:

Multi Gym

Get serious about body building without the hassle and expense of joining a gym – now you can work out whenever you want in your own home. Multi-gym machines offer a huge range of exercises for building muscle including chest press, butterfly, lat pull down, low pulley and leg extension.

Standard or Olympic barsOlympic discs

A barbell is one of the most important pieces of equipment for your home or garage gym. A standard bar is 1 inch in diameter while Olympic bars have thicker ends compared to the standard bars and are just under 2inch in diameter. Standard barbells are ideal for most people with a maximum load capacity from approximately 50kg – 150 kg. Olympic barbells offer a higher weight capacity from around 300kg to 750kg and are good use for those who are training competitively.

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A good set of dumbbell weights is at centre of any muscle building programme and can be used at multiple exercises.

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Kettlebell is one of the most affordable and incredibly efficient pieces of equipment for your home or garage gym. Kettlebells doesn’t require much space and are perfect for toning your muscles, increase flexibility and strengthen your bones.


If you are a weight lifting enthusiast, then the weight bench is probably one of the most important piece of home gym equipment.

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Additional Options 

Exercise Mat

Whether you are doing abs workout, push-ups, Pilates or any other exercises on the hard floor, you’ll need a mat that makes your exercises more comfortable and safer.

Medicine Ball

Medicine balls have become very popular in the fitness industry and is a worthwhile addition to the home or garage gym.

Foam Roller

Foam rollers allow you to perform deep tissue self-massage and increase blood flow to soft muscle tissue. The progressively contoured surfaces provide variable pressure to address joint and muscle pain. The pipe core provides stability and support and will not deform over time.


Shop for the best exercise & fitness equipment to get you fit and improve your overall health level.

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