Max & Will training for a New York Marathon

New York City Marathon is in the heart of runners all over the world. The 26.2 miles is an experience that stays with the runners for a lifetime.

This year we’re proud to support and sponsor Will Wallis and Maxime Porcheron who’ll take part in the Big Apple race in just 3 months. Both of them are very dedicated runners who’re raising funds for the National Autistic Society.

Whether you’re training for the marathon or hope to enter it one day, we’ve collected the best pieces of advice from Will and Max in order to help you get ready for this remarkable run.

  1. Tell us where it all began and why you decided to participate in New York Marathon?

Earlier this year the raise and give society which organises charity work at the university of Exeter released their big events for the year and one of them was to run the New York marathon in aid of the National Autistic society. As keen runners who have done a couple of half marathons, we were looking for our next big challenge. Me and Max saw this opportunity and grabbed it with both hands, particularly as we would be raising money for a fantastic cause.

  1. What are your tips for entering New York Marathon?

The entry for the New York marathon follows most high-profile marathons via a balloting system. So, a tip would be to work with a charity as you are more likely to be able to run depending on whether you have raised enough money for the charity.

  1. How many times per week are you running?

We are currently just over 3 months out and are running 3 times per week.

  1. What does your training plan look like?

Here you can see our training plan consisting of 2 short distance runs per week and 1 long weekend run which builds up resistance to long miles running up to the race day! It is important to remember to taper off close to the marathon to allow your body to recover. We are also building in some Interval training including sprints to improve form and muscle fatigue. We plan to run a 30 km at least once before the race!

marathon running plan

  1. What do you wear for marathon training?

A classic running outfit consists of a breathable gym/athletic tee, some lightweight shorts, sweat-wicking socks and most importantly a good supportive pair of running trainers. With all the miles you are racking up you need to ensure you are looking after your joints with a good pair of trainers.

  1. What are your tips & advice for everyone who’s training for a marathon or hope to participate in a marathon.
  1. Just say YES. – give yourself a goal and work with every ounce of energy to smash that goal. 5k,10k all the way up to an Ironman… if the opportunity comes up grab it with both hands.
  2. Find a buddy – having a running buddy will motivate you to get out and run on even the coldest mornings and give you a friend to help when things get tough. Working together will make the experience even better and you can share the glory when it’s all said and done.
  3. Don’t peak to soon – follow a training plan rather than pushing yourself too hard too early and increasing the risk of injury and fatigue which will hinder your big race day.

You can support Max and Will by donating for a great cause here:

We wish the best of luck to Max and Will! Enjoy every mile of this run.

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