Stepper Machine Benefits

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Is a stair machine workout worth the sweat? Here at FitKit UK, we’ve taken a look into what the stepper machine is good for and why you should incorporate it into your gym sessions.

What is a stepper machine?

A stepper machine, also known as a stair machine or stair climber, is a machine with a moving set of stairs. If you’re wondering how to use the stepper machine, it’s simple! A stair machine workout just involves you continuously climbing these revolving stairs at your chosen speed, using the handles for support.

What is the stepper machine good for?

List of muscles that the stepper machine activates including heart, glutes, hamstrings, quads and calves

The stepper machine is a fantastic cardio workout that’s also great for building up muscle in your legs and glutes. 

Climbing a never-ending flight of stairs certainly gets the heart racing before long – especially if you set your speed at a fast pace. Any exercise that gets the blood pumping is great to incorporate into your workout routine, and the stair climber has the added benefit of toning your legs – specifically the quads, hamstrings, calves and glutes. 

Let’s look at the benefits of a stair machine workout in more detail:

Stepper machine benefits

Stepper machine in use
  • Great aerobic exercise

Sweating away during a stair machine workout increases both your breath and heart rate. Aerobic exercise like this helps strengthen our hearts and lungs, allowing us to take in more oxygen and get more oxygen-carrying blood to our muscles and organs. So, not only will a stepper get your looking toned on the outside, but you know it’s doing your insides good too.

Man working out on stepper machine
  • Builds and tones leg muscle

As well as conditioning your heart and lungs and improving your stamina, the stepper machine is a brilliant leg workout. If you’ve ever felt exhausted climbing a big set of stairs, you can imagine how quickly you can start to feel the burn in your legs! It targets all your leg muscles and glutes throughout each climb, so it’s a great option for toning up and building strength.

Woman working out on a stepper machine
  • Calorie burning

If your fitness goal is weight loss as well as toning, a stair machine workout will help you burn away calories fairly quickly. According to a Harvard study, a 155lb person can burn 216 calories in half an hour, but this will change depending on your weight and workout intensity. Nowadays, stepper machines usually have a built-in calorie tracker, so you can accurately track how many you’ve burned per session.

Woman toned stomach
  • Fat burning

Another plus is that you can mix up your workout to incorporate some interval training and HIIT workouts, which involves alternating between a slow climb and a fast-paced setting. Not only will HIIT workouts keep you engaged, but they’re known to help you burn fat more quickly, making your stepper machine workout even more efficient.

Someone using a stepper machine
  • Low impact

Another benefit of stepper machines is that they’re gentle on the joints. Some people find the impact of pounding a treadmill too hard on the knees, but a stair machine workout doesn’t cause as much strain. In fact, as a weight-bearing exercise, this workout can help to increase bone mass and actually strengthen your knees.

Sporty woman smiling
  • Convenient

And finally, one of the biggest stepper machine benefits is their convenience. Running up and down a standard flight of stairs isn’t a realistic option for many people – not to mention, running downstairs can cause damage to your knees. The continuous uphill climb provided by a stair machine is a much more practical workout. And, as you can control the speed and duration of your session, it’s an excellent option for all skill levels.

Whether you’re trying to improve your overall fitness, burn fat or tone up your thighs, the stepper machine should be a staple in your gym routine. The cardio and strengthening benefits of this machine mean you’re getting two types of workout in one, making your gym session extra efficient. 

Here at FitKit UK, our range of stepper machines includes models with built-in entertainment apps, so you can banish the boredom from your workouts and lose yourself in a virtual course, on-demand classes, or your latest binge-watch on Netflix. Explore our full range of gym steppers to find new, used and ex-demo models from Life Fitness and Star Trac for home or commercial use.

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