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How to choose the right gym equipment depending on your goals

You’ve joined the gym, and here you are… walking through the aisles of heavy gym equipment marked with different handles, knobs, cables and pulleys, and you’ve no idea where to start. You feel a little intimidated… Sounds familiar? Trust us, we’ve all been there! That’s why we’ve created a cheat sheet for you to give you a little  guidance and help you get started with your fitness journey. Best equipment to use to burn fat and lose weight The most effective cardio machines for burning fat are treadmills, stair climbers, elliptical... Read More

UFC UK gym install 04/09/2019


We’re excited to share our recent installation project for the first UFC Gym in the UK.  The Nottingham studio is the first of a targeted 105 clubs across the UK and Ireland over the next 10 years and we’re proud to install the first UK site for the world-class brand. Located in Nottingham, a 18,000 ft studio is designed to be suitable for individuals and families and offers a full range of fitness classes, MMA training, group classes and dynamic performance training. We carried out the installation services on behalf of the Life... Read More