10 Christmas gifts under £100 for fitness lovers

We’re so excited, the holiday season is upon us and we’ve put together the ultimate Christmas gift ideas guide for all fitness lovers out there. We hope this guide will help you to find a perfect gift for your loved ones or perhaps you will find something to add to your own Wishlist.


Obviously, number one on our list! If you follow us on social media, you’ll know… We’re passionate about kettlebells here! Actually, passionate would be an underestimate. We’re kettlebells obsessed. And there’s a reason why everyone’s buzzing around kettlebells. Not only are kettlebells a great tool for total-body strength and cardio exercises, it can be used in so many exercises, just to name a few great ones: kettlebell swing, kettlebell goblet squat, lunge press, Russian twist, single arm, kettlebell press and much more.

Kettlebell is a perfect Christmas gift for CrossFitters and anyone who’s interested in fitness and wellbeing. 

Kettlebell is a perfect Christmas gift for fitness lovers


We often hear this question when it comes to dumbbells: “kettlebell vs dumbbell, is one better than the other? It really depends on what your goal is. If your goal is powerlifting, or you’re a CrossFit enthusiast, we would suggest grabbing a kettlebell as it will lead you to greater gains.

However, if you’re newbie to weightlifting or your goal is basic strength movements and weight training, we would suggest sticking with dumbbells. Walk into gym and you’ll encounter so many people around the dumbbell rack, and that’s not surprising us as there are so many great dumbbell exercises including chest press, shoulder press, squats and much more.

It’s a great Christmas present for anyone as you can choose from variety of weights that will suit anyone’s needs. Just a note, you don’t really want to stick them in a gift bag, do you? Make it creative, make it unique! Dumbbell wrapping gets us excited here.

Recommended Products:

Dumbbell is a perfect Christmas gift for fitness lovers

Slam ball

Slam balls are great for anyone, who’s looking to increase a muscle power and athletic performance. Athletes all around the world are using slam balls for improving muscle mass in their cardio routine. Some of our favourite slam ball exercises are Bulgarian Squat, burpee slam and bear crawl. 

Consider a slam ball if you’re looking to get a gift for a cardio enthusiast.

Slam ball is a perfect Christmas gift for fitness lovers


Sandbags are awesome! Everyone should own a sandbag. Not only it’s affordable, you can take it anywhere to build your strength and stability. Sandbags engage the entire body and it is a great tool for full body cardiovascular workout, excellent strength workout and core strength workout in minimum amount of time. 

Back to Christmas, sandbag if one of our gift suggestions not only because it’s an awesome fitness tool but also, it’s very practical. Did we say it’s awesome too?

Sandbag is a perfect Christmas gift for fitness lovers

Foam Roller

Foam roller is a great tool to help you relax your muscles and cool down after gym sessions. Anyone from runners to cyclists should obtain one to reduce the recovery period and release those sore muscles.

Foam roller is a perfect Christmas gift for fitness lovers

Jungle Gym

Hooray, jungle gym! As you can see, we can easily get excited when we’re talking about fitness accessories. Especially when they are practical and functional. The beauty of jungle gym is, they’re so easy to travel with! Take them on holiday, your work trips or simply exercise while you’re watching your favourite TV show. Not only are jungle gyms very budget friendly, they are great addition to any home gym.

Yoga Mat

Anyone who’s a fitness lover need a yoga mat. It is a necessity! But it can get a bit overwhelming with so many yoga mats available now on the market.  About 10 to 15 years ago, there was only one yoga mat made of PVC and available in two colours. We guess it was easy to choose a Christmas gift back then, right? 

Times have changed, so have yoga mats. You can choose a yoga mat now based on personal preferences. Whether you’re looking for a yoga mat made from environmentally friendly material, or you’re hunting for a unique style, colour or pattern, there are a few basics you should keep in mind. Yoga mat needs to be comfy, and pushy that will keep you stable in your poses. And let’s not forget the thickness of the mat as it will impact on quality of your workout.

Yoga mat is a perfect Christmas gift for fitness lovers

Reebok Deck

The Reebok Deck expands your workout options for both bodyweight and weighted training and provides you with all the tools needed for limitless workouts. With more than 20 setup combinations, there are dozens of cardio and strength exercises that can be incorporated in your training regime.

Boxing Gloves

We all know someone who’s a boxing and martial arts enthusiast. However, boxing can be for anyone as it is an awesome cardiovascular training tool. Boxing gloves is a perfect gift for anyone this Christmas to build a strong and healthy muscles.

Boxing Gloves is a perfect Christmas gift for fitness lovers

Terra-Core Balance Trainer

Last but not least! We love the Terra-Core balance trainer. Again, if you follow us on social, you’ll know. We actually featured its benefits recently so many times, that our feed has become overcrowded with Terra-Core pictures. Terra-Core home balance trainer is a great addition to any home gym. It is a truly unique device for core strength and balance.

We would love to go on and on and talk more about the fitness items, however, we shall stick to 10 best pieces that are not only budget friendly, but also very practical and beneficial. As you may know, we’re passionate about fitness here, so please do not hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions, we would love to hear fro you!

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