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10 Christmas Gifts Under £100 for fitness lovers 06/11/2019

10 Christmas gifts under £100 for fitness lovers

We’re so excited, the holiday season is upon us and we’ve put together the ultimate Christmas gift ideas guide for all fitness lovers out there. We hope this guide will help you to find a perfect gift for your loved ones or perhaps you will find something to add to your own Wishlist. Kettlebells Obviously, number one on our list! If you follow us on social media, you’ll know… We’re passionate about kettlebells here! Actually, passionate would be an underestimate. We’re kettlebells obsessed. And there’s a reason why everyone’s buzzing... Read More

How to save money on a gym membership? 08/10/2019

How to save money on a Gym membership?

You may be new to the gym or perhaps you have been hitting the gym for years, the thought of saving money on your gym membership must have crossed your mind at least once. Of course, your salary will influence your gym habits, however, we have put together some valuable advice based on recent trends that we have seen from our consumers. One out of every 7 people in the United Kingdom is a member of the gym. And this is no surprise as more and more people are getting... Read More

How to build a home gym on a budget 04/07/2019

How to build a home gym on a budget

We have seen a big shift in the fitness industry over the past decade. Not only workout trends or eating patterns have changed, but people are also switching from traditional gym membership plans to the new forms of home fitness experiences. With an extremely busy lifestyle, the active generation loves the convenience of home workouts as they are more accessible, more fun and easier to fit into a busy life schedule. Imagine life when you don’t have to pack the bag for the gym, drive to the gym, wait to... Read More