Best Gym gear 2021

Whether you’re already hooked on a gym routine or you’re considering on starting out, we have put together a list of the most popular gear below:

What equipment do I need to train at home?

It’s easy to see why you would be installing gym in your home or garage. You can exercise any time you want, lift in your underwear and listen to ‘We are the Champions’ at full blast. No one would judge you, well unless your neighbour decides to pop in for a cuppa unannounced… Let’s dive in and see what equipment you’ll need to start with:

Olympic Bars

There are bars intended for Olympic lifts, studio barbells and also fixed weight barbells. Since weightlifting utilises the Olympic lifts, we would suggest choosing the Olympic bar. An Olympic bar is heavier and longer compared to the studio bar and is perfect for exercises such as deadlifts, back squat, press, snatch, clean and jerk.

Olympic Discs

There are different kinds of Olympic weight plates you fill find on the market including rubber coated, urethane, cast iron, technique, competition, fractional and bumper plates.

We would suggest choosing bumper plates for the weightlifting training. A bumper plate is a solid rubber weight disc which can be safely used for performing Olympic lifts and can be dropped from height during exercises like snatches and presses.


A kettlebell is as an essential piece of equipment. And while it’s hard to get kettlebells wrong, there are a few things to consider before you get hold of this amazing piece of equipment.

We would suggest choosing a competition kettlebell for your workouts. The handle and entire construction are excellent and precise made from 100% steel, they are extremely durable and designed to be a lot smoother in usage throughout.


Dumbbells are incredibly versatile and allow you to perform a huge variety of exercises. You can imitate almost any barbell movement with dumbbells and you can move them anywhere in the gym.

We would suggest getting a decent set of Hex dumbbells with anti – roll design to use at the WOD. The hexagonal design prevents the dumbbells from rolling away when placed on the ground and adds protection as you move around between exercises.


We love sandbags and an odd object training here at FitKit UK. Used correctly, sandbags can be even more challenging than free weights. Sandbags are great for developing a solid core and is an amazing way to build functional strength.

There are many great sandbags out there on the market, here’s our all-time favourite – Jordan Sandbag Pro. Not only it’s highly durable with a strong, tubular shape, it also has extra handles for workout versatility, and no matter how much you use it, it maintains its tubular shape.

Where can I buy gym equipment?

We know, it can get overwhelming with so many fitness equipment suppliers out there. Whether you’re looking for a homepackage or a package for your commercial gym, we would suggest checking out FitKit UK’s range of equipment. Not only we’re the leading suppliers of new & used fitness equipment, our expert installers and engineers can take all that hassle off your hands and install all the desired kit in your gym as we’re approved by market leading manufacturers such as Life Fitness, Precor and Matrix

As always, please drop us a comment or get in touch with us if you have any questions!

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