How to eat healthy while saving your time and money

The healthy consumer space is growing strongly and so is the industry of nutrition, beauty, wellness and fitness. Demand for healthy, organic food is growing at its fastest and people choose to switch from ready, on-the-go meals and invest their time and money into healthier and fresher foods produced by their local brands.

However, convenience and lack of time is the issue most of us face today. We all know how time consuming it is to cook fresh and healthy meals each day and how expensive it can get. Let’s be honest, balancing healthy meals, busy life between work, family responsibilities and social life puts a lot of time constraints on us and we end up in the processed food aisle or having a takeaway, because it’s easy, convenient and cheap.

processed food aisle

We’ve done all planning for you so you can still enjoy your tasty, healthy food! Here’s a practical meal planning guide to support your busy life routine that will avoid getting you burned out in the kitchen.

  • Planning & Grocery shopping

Meal planning is a vital part of having a healthy diet. Practical planning and preparing healthy recipes will not only trim your waistline but also help you to save some money and time. There are endless meals and recipes out there that you can customize according to your allergens, meat preferences, number of portions and even preparation time and methods.

Jamie’s 15-minute healthy recipes and BBC healthy under 20-minutes recipes is a good starting point. Make a list for a week ahead what you’ll have for dinners each day and make a list of ingredients required.

grocery planning
  • Double your recipes

Double your recipes when planning ahead and leave some leftovers each day so you can box it and take it to work next day to have a super healthy and tasty lunch. This way you will not only save some cash but also restrain yourself of getting unhealthy sandwich meal deals.

healthy meal recipes
  • Saving time on grocery shopping

Forget about wasting your time going to the grocery store multiple times per week. Strategic meal prep will take convenience a step further by making only one trip to the store! You’ll save your time, money and energy! 

  • Doorstop food delivery

Want to save even more of your precious time? HelloFresh or Gousto have you covered. Both companies deliver all the fresh ingredients and step-by step recipe cards to your door. You can personalize your recipes, choose the size of the box and number of people.

  • Invest your saved time into exercising

Right, so now you have saved some time, use it wisely! Consider of exercising from the comfort of your own home, download 7-minute workouts on Apple or Android, or simply search on YouTube. 7 minutes each day, and you’re a winner!

Alternatively, invest into a home cardio equipment. Treadmills and rowers are the best fat burners and best cardio equipment on the market. If you are tight on your floor space, we would advise to consider folding treadmills or folding rowers. Home use ellipticals are also a great choice. Home use cross trainers are designed with a compact footprint that takes up half the space of a normal elliptical trainer, leaving you with plenty of floor space.

  • Tracking calories and nutrition

My Fitness Pal is a great app to use for tracking your daily calorie intake. It’s very easy to use and is an effective tool to lose or maintain weight. We have to warn you, it can get addictive, and you start competing with yourself to become the best version of you.

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