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Jordan Premium Rubber Dumbbells 03/07/2020

Dumbbells Buying Guide: How to Choose the Right Dumbbells for your Home Gym

Welcome to the world of dumbbells. We’re all familiar with the real struggle of maintaining our gym-grade gains especially now when dumbbells are sold out almost everywhere online. But don’t worry folks, you have come to the right place.  Not only have we created this dumbbell buying guide to simplify your life in choosing the best dumbbells depending on your needs, all dumbbells listed below are available to go to your home gym. No obstacles now for your weight training at home! Rubber Dumbbells Rubber dumbbells are made out of... Read More


How to choose the right gym equipment depending on your goals

You’ve joined the gym, and here you are… walking through the aisles of heavy gym equipment marked with different handles, knobs, cables and pulleys, and you’ve no idea where to start. You feel a little intimidated… Sounds familiar? Trust us, we’ve all been there! That’s why we’ve created a cheat sheet for you to give you a little  guidance and help you get started with your fitness journey. Best equipment to use to burn fat and lose weight The most effective cardio machines for burning fat are treadmills, stair climbers, elliptical... Read More

How to eat healthy while saving your time and money 29/10/2019

How to eat healthy while saving your time and money

The healthy consumer space is growing strongly and so is the industry of nutrition, beauty, wellness and fitness. Demand for healthy, organic food is growing at its fastest and people choose to switch from ready, on-the-go meals and invest their time and money into healthier and fresher foods produced by their local brands. However, convenience and lack of time is the issue most of us face today. We all know how time consuming it is to cook fresh and healthy meals each day and how expensive it can get. Let’s... Read More