How to save money on a Gym membership?

You may be new to the gym or perhaps you have been hitting the gym for years, the thought of saving money on your gym membership must have crossed your mind at least once. Of course, your salary will influence your gym habits, however, we have put together some valuable advice based on recent trends that we have seen from our consumers.

One out of every 7 people in the United Kingdom is a member of the gym. And this is no surprise as more and more people are getting into the awareness of healthy eating, exercising and staying fit. And let’s not forget about the millennials – the largest group of people on the planet that also happen to be the most active and fitness obsessed generation.

With the booming fitness trend of leading a healthier lifestyle, we have seen a definite increase in demand for fitness equipment in both gym facilities as well as home gyms.

While millions of people in the UK are shaped by a hectic lifestyle and rushed off their feet by managing busy work and personal life, the fitness industry is the fastest growing sector in the UK.

However, more and more people start thinking “smart” and considering ways of how to save not only money but also the precious time.

Because of a hectic lifestyle, a lot of gym goers are now switching from gym memberships to home exercise routines. This is due to the fact that for some people gym membership may be quite costly or commute to the gym doesn’t fit into busy life agenda.

home gym

On average, a membership fee in the UK cost around £35 a month or £420 per year. Plus, average gym joining fee is around £20 per person. And let’s not forget the travel costs which will depend on how far your gym is located. We’ll round that number to £100 per year.

So total cost will be approximately £540 per year. 

If you don’t want to save some cash and you are a massive gym lover, luxury spa, sauna and jacuzzi lover, then maybe this option won’t be right for you. 

However, if you’re looking to save some time and money, and stay fit at the same time, here’s how to make most of your money back within 1styear.

Those looking for a home workout challenge, there are number of free, at-home streaming videos available online. 

The Bodycoach posts weekly HIIT and cardio short videos on YouTube to get your body moving. It only takes 15-20 minutes a day and it’s perfect for people with a busy schedule. HIIT workouts doesn’t require any gym equipment. All you need is motivation, a workout space, and a time.

The Bodycoach 15 minute fat burning HIIT workout

Andrew Tracey released a digital 15-minute workouts that are split into five categories (push/pull/lower/upper/total body). He also posts short and effective workout videos on Instagram with his best tips and advice. Try it!

Andrew Tracey

You can also obtain some of the home functional fitness accessories such as exercise mat, kettlebell, weights and resistance bands for different workout variations.

Exercising at home

Alternatively, you can invest into used commercial treadmill or spin bike. That will cost you around £500 to £1000 but will last you years! Commercial gym equipment is designed to have a long lifespan, is reliable and durable. 

You can store it at home or in your garage gym that will not only help you to save some cash but also will save you time on travelling back and forth to the gym.

There are many options available on the market where you can purchase your gym equipment with 0% finance and pay monthly instalments. Ultimately, after few years if you decide to stop exercising, you can resell your items and get a big chunk of your money back.

Market leading and used commercial cardio gym equipment to use at your home gym:

This treadmill is a fantastic piece of equipment for those looking for a truly different and unique experience. Star Track E-TRxe offers most user-friendly package ever! These treadmills are packed with some amazing features such as Hot Bar controls, Star Track Coach which provides the industry’s most complete and flexible entertainment options with a wide range possible workout, increased incline specs and 15″ embedded touch screen.

Star Trac’s triple cell cushioning system along with dual-adjustable fans creates a more rewarding workout. 

These are fantastic heavy-duty spin bikes which combines user-focused features with a high degree of adjustability and comfort. To maintain uncompromising quality ride after ride, the Spinner NXT features rust-defying two-stage powder coating and rock-solid construction for lasting performance as well as an increased five-degree handlebar angle for a more comfortable riding position and an improved Q-factor for the most authentic ride.

These are one of the latest spin bikes available on the market and they are a fantastic high-quality model. Forged with an all-aluminium frame, it includes high-quality ground welds in high sweet areas for moisture protection and finished in a smart semi-gloss metallic black to ensure it can meet the demands of customers whilst being the best-looking indoor bike.

However, if you’re looking to obtain new commercial gym equipment without breaking your bank, here’re some fantastic options:

The light commercial CB900 Indoor Cycle delivers professional comfort and performance. The industrial-grade Hutchinson PK Poly-V belt, three-piece crank and needle bearings that encompass the pedals and flywheel axle work together to create the perfect formula for high performance and durability. Made from high-strength, heavy-gauge steel with zinc undercoating, the bike is solid and features a double powder-coat paint finish to prevent sweat corrosion.

The premium Elevation Series Treadmill combines the comfort of FlexDeck technology with enhanced user engagement. A variety of intuitive console choices provide entertainment, workout tracking and detailed product use information.

Here’re only a few examples of fantastic kit to obtain, there are loads of options out there to choose from and create your own home gym.  It all depends whether you want to focus on cardio workouts or you’re a weightlifting enthusiast!

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