Most Popular Songs To Workout To

Looking for some motivational music to get you pumped for your workout? At Fitkit, we’re always searching for ways to get you ready for your workout, which is why we have compiled a list of the most popular songs to workout to. 

Music is scientifically proven to help boost your mood and endurance – so we completely understand why having a playlist that gets you pumped in the gym or during your home workouts is important. 

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We have analysed Spotify data to compile a list of songs used most frequently in fitness playlists, so you can add them to your very own playlist and blast them when you’re getting your sweat on. To ensure we’re providing you with only the best hits, we’ve also included YouTube views, Spotify streams and even beats per minute to rank the top 10. 

Featuring heavy beats, the list of songs includes something for everyone and is sure to get you in the mindset to get into shape. Keep reading to view the full list of workout songs and a few notable mentions that didn’t make the top 10. 

The Top 10 Songs To Workout To

Our playlist has the top 100 most played workout songs included within it; you can find it here! Without further ado, here are the top 10 most popular songs to add to your playlist: 

  1. Till I Collapse – Eminem (2002)

Released in 2002, Till I Collapse takes the top spot as the most featured workout song in fitness playlists. Even though it was never released as a single, the song became  certified as double-platinum and sold 2,000,000 copies in the US. Despite being released 2 decades ago, the success of Till I Collapse has continued into the streaming era and is Eminem’s 2nd most streamed song, with over 1.4 billion streams. 

YouTube views: 236M

Spotify streams: 1,498B

BPM: 171

Fitkit score: 39

  1. Head & Heart – Joel Corry feat. MNEK – (2020)

Joel Corry and MNEK’s song Head & Heart is definitely a song you will have heard before. Nominated for the ‘Song of the Year’ award at the 2021 BRIT awards, the duo teamed up to create a House song that topped the charts and was number 1 for 6 consecutive weeks. Despite only having a run time of 2 minutes and 48 seconds, it will get you pumped, and you’ll be surprised how many sit-ups you can fit into the playtime. 

YouTube views: 251M

Spotify streams: 999M

BPM: 123

Fitkit score: 28

  1. POWER – Kanye West – (2010)

The lead single from hip hop artist Kanye West’s fifth studio album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, always features on workout playlists and this year, it takes the number 3 spot. Power is a high-energy track that West claims to have spent over 5,000 hours producing, released in 2010. Featuring vocals from soul singer Dwele, the hip-hop rap rock song will get you moving and ready for your workout. 

YouTube views: 137M

Spotify streams: 750M

BPM: 154

Fitkit score: 27

  1. The Business – Tiësto – (2020)

If you’re looking for a deep house song to workout to, Tiësto’s The Business is the perfect song from the Dutch DJ’s seventh album titled ‘Drive’. The 2-minute 44-second song builds and is an intoxicating dance track that will get you in the mood to sweat. The song was a success in the UK, hitting number 3 on the UK Singles chart and garnering almost 1 billion streams on Spotify. 

YouTube views: 225M

Spotify streams: 952M

BPM: 120

Fitkit score: 26

  1. I’m Good (Blue) – David Guetta (2022)

One of the more recent releases featured on the list, David Guetta, has teamed up with Bebe Rexha for their hit song I’m Good (Blue). The song heavily samples Eiffel 65’s song Blue (Da Ba Dee), so you may think you’ve heard it before! Ideal for getting your heart racing and in the mood for getting a sweat on – which is why it has bagged the 5th spot on our list. 

YouTube views: 64M

Spotify streams: 438M

BPM: 128

Fitkit score: 26

  1. Do It To It – ACRAZE – (2022)

Another song that samples a hit from the past sits at our number 6 spot. Do It To It by ACRAZE is a remix of the song by Cherish, an American girl group from the early 2000s. The remix used house beats to top the original and secured ACRAZE a top 10 hit in the UK for the first time. The song now has over 500 million streams on Spotify and is one of this year’s biggest hits. 

YouTube views: 48M

Spotify streams: 559M

BPM: 125

Fitkit score: 25

  1. The Motto – Tiësto – (2022)

Tiësto is back on the list, but this time with American singer Ava Max with their song The Motto. The song is a mix of genres, including electronic, dance, EDM and pop influences. With an empowerment message at its core, you can be sure that adding this song to your workout playlist will get you pumped. Tiësto and Max team up for the music video in a 1920s-inspired party and time travel through eras into the 1980s. 

YouTube views: 114M

Spotify streams: 508M

BPM: 118

Fitkit score: 19

  1. OUT OUT – Joel Corry feat. Charli XCX & Saweetie (2021)

Joel Corry’s second feature on the top 10 songs featured in workout playlists includes his 2021 collaboration with Charli XCX and Saweetie. It went to number 6 on the UK Singles chart and is an up-tempo dance track that will get you on the dance floor, or in this case, the gym floor. The hit has garnered 350 million streams on Spotify and is a staple in many gym playlists. 

YouTube views: 25M

Spotify streams: 350M

BPM: 124

Fitkit score: 14

  1. Belly Dancer – Imanbek – (2022)

This electronic dance bop will certainly get your hips moving and your blood rushing during your workout. Belly Dancer by Imanbek is an electro-pop tune that samples heavily from the Akon song Bananza (Belly Dancer), which shot to fame in 2004. Imanbeck’s remix has over 230 million streams on the platform and 31 million YouTube views. You will certainly have heard this song on the radio, so why not add the earworm to your workout playlist? 

YouTube views: 31M

Spotify streams: 230M

BPM: 122

Fitkit score: 14

  1. Bad Memories – MEDUZA feat. Elley Duhé & FAST BOY – (2022)

Produced by the Italian trio MEDUZA, Bad Memories is number 10 on our list this year, and once you give it a listen, you will see why. Featuring vocals for Elley Duhé and FAST BOY, the track is one to add to your gym playlist. Check out the music video, which features some cool shots of an abandoned water park in Vietnam. 

YouTube views: 17M

Spotify streams: 99M

BPM: 124

Fitkit score: 12

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Looking for a sample of the guide? Here is a snippet of some of the warm-up tracks featured within the workout for you to try: 

  • Roxanne – The Police = Jog on the spot, and whenever you hear the word “Roxanne”, do a star jump and when you hear the line “Put on the Red Light”, do a squat. 
  • Blue – Eiffel 65 = Jog on the spot, and whenever you hear the word “Blue”, do a tuck jump. 
  • Jolene – Dolly Parton = Jog on the spot, and whenever you hear the word “Jolene”, pick up your kettlebell and do a squat. 
  • Hey Mickey – Toni Basil = Jog on the spot, and whenever you hear the word “Mickey”, do a star jump. 
  • I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) – Proclaimers = Jog on the spot, and whenever you hear the words “500 miles”, do a squat jump. 


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