Thinking of buying gym equipment for your gym or home but only have a small budget available? Consider buying pre-owned commercial gym equipment!

The most durable fitness machines on the market are the ones intended for commercial use in health and leisure clubs, public and hotel gyms. Used commercial equipment is well built and has far better resistance than anything designed specifically for residential purposes. Unlike residential machines, commercial equipment can withstand greater weight and has a longer lifespan. However, as we all know all good things cost money.

Whether you’re planning to set up a new gym or just replacing existing machines, consider purchasing pre-owned commercial fitness equipment.  Here are just a few great reasons why:

Largest selection of used gym equipment

We have the largest selection of used equipment across 75,000sq ft of warehousing. If you want the one cardio machine in your home to an entire gym we can cater for all needs.

Great quality

Commercial gym equipment is made from higher quality, heavy materials in order to last longer. All our gym equipment is inspected and serviced by our experienced staff and Engineers prior to delivery.

Best prices

It can be very costly to get brand-new equipment, especially if you’re looking to install a variety of machines. You can save a lot of money by buying commercial pre-owned gym equipment from well-known brands.

spin bikes

We offer pre-owned commercial gym equipment with great quality at a lower cost.

Enquire today for the best rates.

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